Felted Owl | How To Tutorial

WoolPets are the best kits for beginners looking to try wool felting. The kits are also an amazing value, you can get at least 4 owls from this kit (the package says 2), and if they are a bit smaller, you can get 6 adorable owls 🙂

You can this kit and others at A Child’s Dream. You can also find them at Rainbow Resource.
The wool in this kit is the softest I’ve used. The projects are as mentioned, with this intermediate project really being for someone who’s tried needle felting before.

The only thing you’ll want to buy is a foam pad. It can find them at Jo-Ann and other fabric stores.

Give this project a try! It’s perfect for a cold winter day 🙂

Though we didn’t pick up this kit with our  supplies we got for our kindergarten curriculum recently, we did intend to add it to the KG schedule. Originally I had intended to make these owls with my 10 year old 5th grader for my kindergartener to play with, but before I had completed the set up for this project, my five year old had removed the directions, and make her own! I was really impressed. She did fantastic! So even though the package indicated this project is for 10 year olds and up, you can certainly modify it for a younger child.

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