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First grade in a Waldorf school begins at seven years of age, after the change of teeth has begun. Other notable differences about a the first grade curriculum is the story aspect of each lesson, even when you present the child with her first recorder, you present it along with a story. Stories are an important part of the Waldorf curriculum. It’s what connects the child to the information. The information comes to life through the story told by the teacher. You may also notice an absence of textbooks, workbooks and even picture or chapter books. There are no textbooks because the teacher teaches the material (she does her research prior to teaching), there are no workbooks because the students make their own as the lessons progress by copying the chalk drawings on the chalkboard made by the teacher and adding a sentence or two copied from the board or dictated to the student. The students make their first readers with drawings and complete simple sentences which they then read themselves. The world of numbers is also introduced with stories to complement the introduction of each number.

Does you child already know the ABC’s and the numbers before entering grade one? Probably. Most kids pick them up along the way, but don’t overlook this beautiful presentation of the numbers and letters, there’s more to the lesson than just the technical and mechanical acquisition of the numbers and letters. The value is a deeper connection to learning and sets the foundation for how information and skills will be taught and acquired throughout the grades. There is reverence and honor in every aspect of the Waldorf curriculum, down to how the crayons are used and stored to how one transitions from one activity to the next.

The curriculum I am presenting to day is from Live-Education.
We homeschool using many different yet congruent philosophies including Waldorf, TJed, and Charlotte Mason, but use the curriculum from Live-Education for inspiration.

Some books I recommend:
Children and Their Temperaments by Marieke Anschutz
Storytelling & The Art of Imagination by Nancy Mellon
Healing Stories for Challenging Behavior by Susan Perrow
You Are Your Child’s First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin
The Education of the Child by Rudolf Steiner
The Kingdom of Childhood by Rudolf Steiner

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All supplies are from A Child’s Dream.
The complete list of products are as follows:

Paint brushes are from Waldorf Supplies and the Broom set by Melissa and Doug is from Rainbow Resource



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