Homeschool Haul

Maybe you buy homeschooling supplies throughout the year or maybe you buy them in bulk once or twice year. Since we follow a Waldorf approach, we are rotating our lessons throughout the year making it both fun and maybe stressful to plan for upcoming units and main lesson blocks. Currently we are working towards handwork projects, our Botany main lesson block and Mineralogy main lesson block.

The materials from this homeschool haul are primarily from A Child’s Dream and Michael’s Craft Store, with some books, games and pencils coming from Amazon and JetPens.

Shopping guide (non affiliate links except for Amazon)

A Child’s Dream



  • Blackwing 602 Pencils – Firm Lead – Pack of 12
  • Blackwing Natural Pencils – Extra Firm Lead – Pack of 12
  • Blackwing Pearl Pencils – Pearlescent Blue – Balanced Lead – Pack of 12
  • Blackwing Pencil Replacement Eraser – Navy Blue – Pack of 10
  • Blackwing Pencil Replacement Eraser – Green – Pack of 10

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