Is it too early to plan for the upcoming year? Never!! In fact, planning is constant and for me mostly a mental exercise I don’t put down on paper for a while. Right now I finalizing the preliminary ideas for the upcoming year. As always, it takes a lot of planning if I want to attempt two main lesson blocks simultaneously. But Grade One is one I dedicate focused time to and have for all four of my children. It means that during this time, my 11-year-old is going to need more independent work or the more laborious parts of the lessons to be done using illustrations from other sources rather than me drawing everything. Not that I do!! I just don’t have that kind of time. I also rarely get myself prepared enough to deliver lessons orally. More often than not, I’m reading lessons out of living books or our Waldorf curriculum.

So what’s the plan for 2018-2019? We’re doing the Grade One and Grade Six curriculum from Live Education. Here are the main lesson blocks we have scheduled:
Grade One:
Letters (using Learning to see the World Through Drawing to supplement)
Previous Prophets
Watercoloring (using Colour Dynamics to supplement)
Form Drawing (using Creative Form Drawing Workbook 1 to supplement)

Grade Six
Grammar (my curriculum)
Grammar (Live-Education)
Middle Ages
Silk Road
European Geography
Middle East and Asia Geography

We also want to do our Spring Nature units. With everything we naturally do daily, we tend to over plan and never get to everything. This will be a packed, yet exciting year. I can’t wait!!

I’m sure you’re planning, too. I’d love to know what you’ve got going on. Are you changing up your curriculum or sticking to an old favorite?

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7 thoughts on “HOMESCHOOL PLANS FOR 2018-2019

  1. Assalamualaikum, I am considering to buy a curriculum for the first time. My kids are 7, 11 and 13. How would you compare earthschooling and Live education? Thank you!

  2. Hello Hanna again,
    I be just watched the video. Thank you very much for telling about your plans in detail. From some other videos I understand that you re familiar with Oak Meadow. Why do you choose Live Education over Oak Meadow? I would be grateful if you could give some hints about curriculum choice. Does Live Education provide weekly/daily plans for the main lesson blocks? Thank you!

  3. Salaam,

    Thank you for sharing this! As a family we are also making a similar move, for us Oak Meadows appears to be a good fit. I don’t have a good sense of Grades 9 to 12. Do you have any feedback about those older grades?

    Many Thanks!

  4. Hana, thank you for sharing all of your wonderful lesson ideas! You are a natural and I so enjoy your enthusiasm!
    We are long time homeschoolers. My own children homeschooled through graduation and are both in their 30s now. I have homeschooled my grandson since infancy. (I say this because life is made up of many learning moments.)
    When I homeschooled my children we started with pre-packaged curriculum but quickly developed our own unit studies as that was the approach that came naturally for us. We did a similar approach with my grandson but discovered Waldorf a few years ago and fell in love with the naturalness of it. I wasn’t sure how to put it together so used Oak Meadow last year for 5th grade. We will be embarking on our 6th grade journey for the 2018-2019 school year and I am trying to plan our main lesson blocks so this vlog was most definitely a welcome one, lol!
    I haven’t been able to find Live Ed 6th grade used curriculum so I am perusing all of the Waldorf books and sites for ideas and to glean wisdom. Thats how I found Pepper and Pine and I am so thankful for your videos!
    Thank you again and know that you are truly a blessing!

  5. Hello. I am new to homeschooling with an Autistic 10yo, 8yo, 6yo, and 2yo, currently 2 are still in school while my oldest adjusts. 8 years ago I had planned to send my children to a Waldorf School but we moved and fell into the modern world. We live near another Waldorf School but my children need to get used to it. I will be purchasing LiveEducation in October but have already been purchasing other books and items. I am wondering if you know of any people, reviews, or videos on people using it with a special needs child? He is currently about a 2-3 grade level but he is showing more interest in learning since he’s been home.

  6. Have you ever seen christopherus Curriculum? Does the Live Education guide which units you are choosing or do you chooses those based on interest?

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