Homeschool Room Organization |Types of Storage Containers

Need help organizing your homeschool room? I can help! Open bin or closed container? Choosing storage containers for your classroom can be challenging. I’ll go through a variety of storage containers and point out the highlights and challenges of each.

Most of my open bins were purchased from Big Lots, Target, or Jo-Ann. Photo boxes are from Michaels and magazine folders are from IKEA.

When thinking about organization, it helps to think about your work flow, how easy it is to access your things, and how you want to sort your belongings. I use a variety of methods, and hopefully you’ll find something that works for you!

I sort some curriculum by thematic units in open bins that hold books, kits, games and more. Some open bins store toys. My bookcases store books by publisher with all the encyclopedias on one shelf and all the Eyewitness books on another shelf. While all the kids’ books are on housed on the bottom shelf for easy access. Infrequently used items are store up high or behind other bins or rows of books.

Need more help? Leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to help you sort it out 🙂

Interested in how much it cost?

I added it up and it comes about $1.25/month of every year I’ve homeschooled (homeschooling for 13 years so far) with a grand total of about $189. That’s about 30 cents per child per month to stay organized! Not bad! Here’s the breakdown in case you are interested:
roman armor 035
$7 for 20 ‘cheap’ magazine holders from IKEA at 5/$1.79 (I don’t think they sell these anymore) Pictured above
$20 for10 magazine holders from IKEA (the lavender colored ones) 10 at 2/$4.00 (they were on sale, they are 2/$4.99) Pictured above
$33 for 20 photo boxes at $1.66 each (on sale, regular price $3.99) Pictured above
$54 for 12 bins from Big Lots (currently available at Walmart Pictured above
$35 for 7 fabric ‘weave’ bins from Jo-Ann $5 each (on sale 70% off 16.99) Pictured above
$10 for 2 short printed cloth bins for Target (on sale 50% off $10) Pictured above
$10 for 2 durable red magazine holders from Office Max (full price at $4.99 each) Pictured above
$20 misc. bins

There might be a bins here and there, but the ones listed are most of them 🙂

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