If you think there’s a perfect curriculum out there, you’re half right. There’ isn’t *the* perfect curriculum, but there’s certainly something that’s nearly perfect for you. Now comes the challenge of finding it. That’s not easy…at all. I have a few tips on choosing the right curriculum for your family. I bypass some typical responses and provide some insight on what it means to choose the right curriculum. Did you know that something that works with one child may not work with another child? Or that *you* may not like the curriculum? You have to like what you’re teaching, at least that’s my advice. If you don’t like it, how can you expect your child to like it. Not that children are going to like the curriculum or lessons all the time, but certainly you can find something that appeals on some level to you and your child.

There are so many curricula out there now for homeschoolers which is great but overwhelming. I’ve reviewed a number of traditional and non-traditional curricula, as well as unit study material. The complete playlist show over 30 curriculum choices. Hopefully, you’ll find one that suits your family.

Wondering what that algorithm was and what an algorithm even is and how it can help you choose the right curriculum!?! Well, two smart fellows wrote a book called Algorithms To Live By, and it can actually help you make decisions. Or rather it can help you in the decision making process. Choosing is so hard. Not just because you don’t want to waste time, or because you want to pick the one that’s going to work for your family, but because the wrong choice will literally cost you money, and time.

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