How to do a Unit Study: Ancient Rome

Join me as I put together our Ancient Rome unit study. You’ll get great tips on putting together unit studies in general while you view books specifically for our Ancient Rome unit.

I like to cover three areas of learning when teaching history:
1-Belief (religion or mythology) of the people
2-Culture or daily life
3-Historical events

I do this in the following ways:
Historical fictions
Hands-on activities
History books
Interactive projects
A book on Mythology or religion

Our units run 6, 9 or 12 weeks. We sometimes break up a larger unit into smaller units and spread them out.

Once I get all my materials, I sort through everything and figure out how long it will take to cover each book and do each activity. Then I break down the work daily.

For assessment of learning, the kids usually write a narration about the lesson and make an illustration. We’ll engage in light discussions while I reading the books and occasionally they will orally narrate their lessons in addition to writing them down.

Hands-on activities are usually done as a family as younger siblings like to participate and usually adult help is needed.

We like to work with the seasons and tend to do the heavier brain work in the fall like grammar and math, then history in the winter when all we want to do is cozy up and read, and science in the spring when we just want to be out and can’t sit still.

I use the Waldorf curriculum from

as my default curriculum and find most of our supplements for our curriculum from

Rainbow Resources has a great search engine, so I love to browse by subject to get ideas. Plus their prices are reasonable. But don’t underestimate what you can find on your own bookcases, at your local library or from friends!

I love doing projects with the kids, and many times the projects come together with supplies we already have.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Take care!



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