One day when I was only five years old, my mom caught me sneaking the sprouts. It was as if I was sneaking chocolate! They were so good, and I kept eating them before they were ready. Fast forward nearly four decades, I’m at it again! Same sprouter, new seeds. This time I’m using a blend of clover, radish, broccoli and alfalfa. I have to say the radish was pretty strong and overpowered the taste of the other sprouts. In the future, I’ll stick with just one kind.

The process of growing sprouts is straightforward and easy. After soaking the seeds over night, transfer them to a sprouter. The key to good sprouts is to be diligent with rinsing them thoroughly. You also want to make sure to drain them well. Our sprouter didn’t offer the best drainage and around day 2-3 it looked like there was some extra growth on the sprouts. Whether it was mold or not, I rinsed them thoroughly, drained them thoroughly and let them dry out by removing the lid and trays. Problem solved! By day 4-5, the sprouts were green and perfect.

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