How to Make a Pregnant Fairy Doll | Tutorial

Check out this Finger Puppet video from the Pepper and Pine vault from December 20, 2015. I meant to release this one first when releasing this series of fairy puppets…opps! When my four-year old asked for a finger puppet with a baby, I assumed she meant ‘with child’ and she meant ‘with a child’. No worries daughter of mine. I’ll make you another one just as soon as I’m done with this one. Not just one more, I made her three more fairy dolls to complete this set of fairies.

Supplies needed: wool felt, wool yarn, finger puppet base, glue gun & glue, accessories and wings most of which I got from A Child’s Dream or from local crafts stores.

Duration: 20 minutes
Level 14 years and up (because of the wings)

Cost: about $5 each

Complete Finger Puppet Playlist

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