How To Make A Sailboat

I’m so pleased with the kits by Pied Piper. This sail boat kit comes with everything you need to make a real working sailboat. The only tool you need is a hammer. It’s perfect for children ages six and up, though you may need to help young children. My son is 10 years old, and he did this entire project on his own, though the first time, he assembled it up-side-down. We bought two kits. I intended my sons to both make one (ages 10 and 14), but my 14 year old is no longer interested in these kinds of activities, so my 10 year old did both. Now that they are made, he likes to take them to the pool or lake to play with them. When they are dried and at home, my five year old daughter likes to play with them as ‘homes’ for her peg dolls. You can find this kit at A Child’s Dream.

Hands-on kits are a great addition to any homeschool curriculum and are especially great if you don’t homeschool but are looking for ways to connect with your children through hands-on projects. Most projects and activities I see are geared towards girls. And while there may be some overlap, or modest interest in other crafts, I noticed that my boys were not interested in ‘artsy’ and ‘crafty’ projects that dominate the market. The crafts from Pied Piper have been big hits for my boys (and maybe my girl in the future) because they involve building, constructing, tools and purposeful projects.

This project took about an hour to complete and once finished, it actually worked! Even our mistake sail boat worked, too. What I love about kits like this is that the finished project is something that can be used or played with and I’ve found that my boys desire that out of a project, whereas my girl simply delights in the process of doing a craft or project more than anticipating the completion of the project. What I also like about this kit and others is that they are complete. You don’t have to worry about finding the supplies or coming up with the design. You might scoff at the price, but it’s well worth it because it would take you much time, energy and forethought, and as parents and homeschoolers, sometimes our most precious commodity is time. Now, I’m a crafty person and often come up with craft projects on my own, but I know first hand how time consuming they are and how much easier it is to buy kits complete and ready to go. But if you want to challenge yourself to make a sail boat, wind car or any other wood working project, please do let me know how it turns out. I do so love seeing your projects.

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