How To Make a Waldorf Main Lesson Book

This tutorial will show you how to make main lesson books or notebooks three different ways.

You can buy main lesson books from


or you can follow this simple tutorial and make your own!

All you need is paper, construction paper (optional) and stapler to make a simple sturdy notebook. I use a long-reach heavy-duty stapler from

Paper and construction paper (for notebook cover) are by Canson and are available from local crafts stores or online.

Other materials/tools: paper trimmer, embroidery thread, needle (for one version of the notebooks).

Difficulty level: EASY



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2 thoughts on “How To Make a Waldorf Main Lesson Book

  1. Ramadan Kareem !
    I love your blog, and this video is great.
    A quick question – what weight is the construction paper you use for covers?
    Thank you and keep well,

    1. Oh good question Karen, I actually can’t say exactly what weight they are unless I’ve used watercolor paper. Many years ago, I bought the fancy construction paper (the one you buy a sheet at a time that are very large) from Michaels that was heavier than print paper but not as heavy as watercolor paper. Maybe like a drawing paper so maybe 80 lb. It worked really well.

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