Making homemade cheese and in particular mozzarella is a great learning experience for children and adults. Even though the process was fun and educational, there were times it was confusing and challenging. To make things easier, we used a kit by Gardener’s Pantry DIY Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Kit available at Gardener’s.  that came with everything we needed to make several batches of cheese. You can find links to the products we used as well as more pics from this project on the blog post that accompanies this video:

Here are the tips I shared in the video:
1-Use whole milk
2-If possible, use raw milk, if you can’t, at least don’t use a ultra pasteurized milk
3-Add milk powder to increase the chances that your curds set
4-Add more rennet than suggested if you’re having trouble getting a good setting curd

It was easier working with small handfuls of curds when it came time to stretch the mozzarella. If you are working with children, you might get the cheese stretch and then let the children continue stretching it; it does take a bit to get it going to begin with.
Don’t forget to salt the cheese! We didn’t at first, and it really makes the cheese taste bland and tasteless.

The following recipe is what I use to make dough. Since we had whey, we traded out the water for whey and enjoyed some amazing bread! We even embedded the mozzarella in the bread for a gooey treat.

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