How to Make Paper | Nature Unit

We love making things! This paper making kit from Acorn Naturalists comes with everything you need to make homemade paper (except the paper scraps). The DVD and paper directions were easy to follow.

We used left over paper from a previous project on making nature journals.
The watercolor paper was blue and green so our final result is a little tinged with blue/green. Also, since we used watercolor paper, the cotton content resulted in nice thick sturdy paper.

We also embedded seeds in our paper so that the recipient can plant the paper, making this a very green project (pun intended 😉

Here’s what you need:

The paper making kit or a screen adhered to a frame, scrap paper, and a blender

Step one:

Shred paper by hand, add 2 cups of paper (roughly 1-2 inches square) to a blender

Step two:

Add 3-4 cups of water to the paper, let sit for 10 minutes, blend until it is pulpy (about 20 seconds)

Step three:

Submerge paper making frame into a pan of water. Pour about a cup of mixture into your paper making frame and swish the pulp with your fingers

Step four:

Drain excess water, and begin removing the excess water by pressing it with a sponge and a block

Step five:

Allow paper to air dry or iron it between fabric

Step six:

Turn your paper into cards!

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