How to Organize Curriculum by Units or Themes | Organization

Check out this video from December 2015!! It’s all about organization in your school room. You can organize by grade, subject, theme, type, product or publisher. I’ll show you a couple ways to organize your thematic units or unit studies. I don’t separate my curriculum by grade except for my Waldorf curriculum which takes up a small space. Most of the bins I use to organize my units are from Big Lots or T.J. Maxx and all of them are open bins so they can accommodate over-sized items. Our unit study bins contain books, activities, kits, projects, manipulatives and other material specific to each unit. We also store books by publisher, subject and by type (like pictures books, or fictions, etc.).

If you have never organized your homeschool space before, it might take some time, but with the right tools, the whole process will be a lot easier.

Check out how these organizational bin fit into my homeschool room. Want more organization? Check out this video.

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