I Bought Pencils & We’re Loving Them!

Well goodness me…here I am talking for nearly an hour about a handful of pencils. Granted these pencils are soooo talk worthy!! But because they are brand new to me, I did give occasional wrong information…sorry. Please visit CW Pencil Enterprise for accurate up-to-date info on everything in their inventory. You won’t regret it, they have the best assortment of pencils curated by a pencil enthusiast.

We loved these pencils so much, before we even started using them, we had already placed another order for more!

Check back soon when I post our second pencil haul with much more fun supplies that are just what you need to brighten your learning and bring joy to writing…well it does so for me and my children…so I hope it does so for you 🙂

And here it is! Here is our second haul and after several months of using these amazing pencils from CW Pencil Enterprise, I can tell you we are loving the scented pencils and the Blackwing pencils which we bought in black, white and natural (each having a different hardness or smoothness). So far our go-to pencil is a Blackwing. They sharpen well, come with an eraser and are smooth and easy to use. While I love the assortment of pencils we got, it’s plainly obvious that if the pencil doesn’t come with an eraser, we’re not going to go for it as often as the ones that do. While I loved the idea of the capped pencil the EE Defender with the green cap, we definitely didn’t use that pencil as much as I thought we would.

The scented pencils from our first haul, even though they don’t come with erasers, are our favorites! While the scent does diminish significantly over time (keep them wrapped until you use them, and use one at a time to preserve the smell), you can still smell an echo scent even after months and it’s just enough to bring joy to your pencil writing. I can’t wait to order those again. They were out of stock for a while, so do jump on them when you see them. The Editor pencil has gotten so much use, I’m glad we have a few. They are so handy, and we’ve come up with a new way to use them in our homeschool. I write math questions for my daughter and she does her work in red. That way I can easily follow her work and catch mistakes. It’s been a wonderful addition to our homeschool.

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This post is not sponsored by CW Pencil Enterprise. We purchased these materials on our own using educational funding. These materials are for our homeschool lessons.

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