Layers Of The Earth | Chalk Drawing | Geology Unit

Though we will put this in our geology main lesson book, this chalk drawing and the lesson that accompanies is not a Waldorf lesson nor does it appear in the Live-Education lesson block for Mineralogy.

I had real trouble getting the proportions right for this project and our planet looks oddly misshapen. I did not include all the trials I did when doing this drawing, but I erased the outline about 5-6 times before accepting that I may not be able to get this two dimensional image to look like a three dimensional cut away!

I’m using my mobile 4’x6′ slate chalkboard by Ghent, but the texture has worn away making it hard for my Sargent Art chalk pastels to stick well to the board. I have found better success with the chalkboards at Waldorf Supplies. Though this lesson does not appear in the Waldorf main lesson for Mineralogy, we did take inspiration for this unit from our Live-Education curriculum.

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