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The book selections I am sharing with you are suitable for all faiths and ages. While they are primarily children’s books, I find them to be both enjoyable to read and educational for children and adults. In fact, I think children’s picture books are an overlooked genre. Aside from them being beautifully illustrated, I’ve mostly found that children’s picture books are written with high quality, easy-to-understand language making them especially great for children and adults. What I also like is that children of multiple ages can also enjoy a single picture book. Young children delight in the illustrations and pick up the content that’s understandable for their age and older children may gather more from the content but still enjoy the illustrations. In my experience, I’ve also found that I learn a lot! I love picture books for that reason. I learn in an easy, educational and enjoyable format. The simplicity, but not rudimentary style of children’s picture books makes them ideal for all audiences.

The Biography of the Noble Prophet by Lina Al-Keilany, is well written and easy to understand. This set of 20 paperback books, is written at a 4th or 5th grade level. The books are workbook size and quality and are about 15 pages each. While each book can be purchased on its own for about $6, you can get the whole set including a sturdy box to hold the 20 books for about $100. This is definitely a pricey option for seerah books.

I really like this set. It’s easy to read, nicely illustrated and broken up into smaller books. The decorative box is lovely and well-made.
The downside is largely the price. I think it’s excessive for the quality of book you’re getting. It’s simply made with a staple binding.

Tell Me About Series

Tell Me About Series (Muhammad, Musa, Yusuf and Hajj) by Saniyasnain Khan

In this video, I shared a Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) for which I have made a separate video detailing this series.
DK Eyewitness Book Islam by Caroline Stone, Batul Salazar (Editor)

Goodnight Stories books, links below

Here are some of our favorite picture books

Prophets of Allah volume I-IV by Suhaib Hamid Ghazi and various authors and illustrators published by Iqra International Educational Foundation

Islamic Books & Resources

When my children were young, there were a small selection of Islamic picture books for children and a few innovative books and journals for young adults. I’m exceedingly pleased that the variety has grown tremendously in the last couple decades. I’m sharing some books that have been in our home library for years as well as brand new additions. While we used to read the Seerah (Life of the Prophet, peace be upon him) yearly, reading passages daily during homeschool, we now read it during Ramadan.

Included in the most recent haul, are two embroidery kits. I once heard of a woman who used to do her dhikr with every stitch or knit. I loved the idea but never implemented it. Now that we have these two kits, I think Ramadan is the perfect time to do dhikr while doing cross stitch.

If you’d like to purchase any of the items in this Ramadan haul, you may do so. When possible, buy directly from the publisher or vendor, for ease of sharing, Amazon is linked often with affiliate links, but I encourage you to buy directly when possible.

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6 thoughts on “Learn About Islam | Children’s Books

  1. Thank you for the video. As a secular homeschooler I needed a great Islam overview for my children provided by a pro-Islam source and you have provided it. My children are going to be exposed to some information that is not common in our area. I appreciate your efforts putting this together. You make such inspiring videos!

    1. Lia, thank you for sharing with me. I hope these resources turned out well for you and your children and you continue to provide an amazing homeschool experience for your children.

  2. Hello! I’m a class teacher in California. I have a student that is muslim and I want to make sure I include stories from his faith in the lessons. I’m teaching second grade. Do you have any recommendations for saints or holy people?

    1. Hello Andrea!Thank you for reaching out and more importantly, thank you for your efforts at inclusion. As Muslims, we don’t have saints or the concept of saints as our belief and prayer and protection is solely with Allah (God). However, we do take the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as our infallible example. We do also refer to his (peace be upon him) companions are role models. The four most prominent in history are Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him), Umnar (may Allah be pleased with him), Uthman (may Allah be pleased with him) and Ali (may Allah be pleased with him), the son-in-law (and cousin) of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

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