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Are you curious how Waldorf education connects to other educational philosophies? Are you curious to see how it can be adapted to suit the Muslim family? Today’s Live Instagram with Noor from Leaders Amongst Mothers (on IG as @SimplifyHomeschool) is a candid conversation about the Islamic view of raising a Muslim, the Waldorf educational method, and Anthroposophy. (Recorded Monday, September 28, 2020)

Please remember that both Noor and I are not scholars, and we ask you to forgive us for anything we said that contradicts Islamic teachings. Also remember that there are various schools of thought on topics. One thing I said that I want to point out that I forgot to provide context for was the breastfeeding comment. I meant to say that the financial support that is obligated for the father to pay the mother is in reference to a divorced couple, not a married one. If a couple are divorced and the mother is nursing a child, the father is obligated to pay for that specific support up to two years (he is obligated to support his children far longer, please refer to a scholar for specifics), the absolute limit on nursing is when the baby teeth have fallen out and the age of awareness is upon the child. This age is about 7 years. Also bear in mind that while we do not take events or behaviors that happened to the Prophet (saw) before prophethood as evidence for Islamic conduct, remember that the Prophet (saw) was protected from any haram all his life, so if he was breastfed for 3-5 years, we must consider that he would not have engaged in haram if indeed nursing must stop at 2 years of age.

Now for the exciting news! I am joining Noor’s 12-month program as a speaker with my focus on how to adapt the Waldorf philosophy for the Muslim family. If this conversation sparked interest, please head over to Noor’s website and start with the free program which closes October 1st.

If you’ve missed the free program, you can sign up directly for the 12-month intensive. If you missed the enrollment window, or the course is full, put your name on the waiting list! Head over to Noor’s Instagram for up-to-date announcements.

I’m answering your questions live! There were so many, but don’t worry, I’ll get to all of them over time through more videos and lives. Be sure to find me on Instagram if you want to see these live and also, add your question to the comment section, so I can answer it in an upcoming video! (Recorded Friday, September 25, 2020)

Live Q & A from Instagram. I answer your questions, well some them. There were many questions, and I didn’t get to all of them, or half of them. But it was so lovely catching up with you and sharing my thoughts with you after a week of Day in the Life content on Instagram. (Recorded Live on Instagram Friday, September 4, 2020.)

For our first week of school, I showed in detail (in my Instagram stories) how our day goes while homeschooling. One day wasn’t enough, so I showed a whole week. And truthfully, it takes longer than that to really show the ebb and flow of our work and life. At the end of the week, I held a live Q & A on Instagram to answer the many questions that came in during the week. Even after an hour of answering questions I still have a lot more to get through.I plan to do this again, so join me on Instagram for more info.

In this Q & A, I start off talking about low energy and a podcast I listened to (shared to me by my sister in law) on the Infradian Rhythm. The podcast is superb! I highly recommend it. It’s called Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit and it’s episode #94 Unlock Your Hormonal Advantage by Harnessing the Power of Your Infradian Rhythm with Alisa Vitti.

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