Some peg dolls and fingers puppets end up looking super cute and charming while others look like a nice try. This peg doll is one such project in which all the extra time it took to make something I envisioned turned out pretty mediocre. When it comes to how long I invested in the monarch butterfly bunting baby peg doll, it comes in at rather lengthy taking about half an hour to complete. For all that time, you’d think the results would be stellar! Alas they weren’t. You may be wondering, “why show a tutorial in which you don’t like the end result?” Good question. I have a couple of answers. First, I went to Instagram and posted a poll on whether I should turn this into a tutorial. I had already recorded the process, so I didn’t have to do it again if you all were in favor if a tutorial. A large majority, 92%, said yes. So I went ahead and polished this video up for you. Second reason is because what I think is a fail is subjective. You may actually like the way this peg doll turned out, and indeed, the finger Puppet wasn’t so bad at all. And the third reason was because there are some techniques that I haven’t shown before like coloring a cotton pipe cleaner, “drilling holes” in a peg doll and adding a blanket stitch to butterfly wings.

I’m sure you can improve on this design and I can’t wait to see what you do. I’ve already been extremely impressed with all of your projects thus far. Share your work in Instagram using the hashtag pepperandpine. Don’t forget to tag me too!! When possible, I’ll repost your work or share it in my story.

This peg doll and finger Puppet were inspired by our Butterflies and Caterpillars unit. This was a unit that had almost all the work as hands-on projects and activities. While the concept was just in line with the kind of things we do in our homeschool, the results were disappointing.

You can see more peg doll tutorials and finger puppets tutorials. There are a lot of videos with a broad range of ideas and techniques.

For today’s project, I used bunting babies peg dolls, Lyra opaque watercolor paint, 100% Holland wool and cotton pipe cleaners. All these supplies can be found at my favorite Waldorf vendor: A Child’s Dream.

This blog post is not sponsored by A Child’s Dream nor do I receive free products.

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