My Biggest Homeschooling Mistakes . . . So Far || COLLAB

The longer you’ve been doing this, the more mistakes you accumulate. I’ve had too many to count, so I’m going to share two regrets and one success.

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Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading


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4 thoughts on “My Biggest Homeschooling Mistakes . . . So Far || COLLAB

  1. Hey!
    we have so much in common I’m a homeschooler and crafter! you have so much helpful info!! So glad I found your youtube channel (and now your blog!) We have two boys our eldest is 6 and our youngest is coming up 3. We have been home schooling our eldest for 2 years. Overall he’s doing so well and we are incredibly proud of him. Sometimes he really struggles to concentrate or to “want” to do “learning” do you have any tips on how to get a 6 year old to want to learn? we play lots of games and activities however as soon as he’s asked to write its “I cant”
    Thanks again for all of your great videos keep it up!!Take Care Stephanie x

    1. Hi Stephanie! Welcome to my site and channel 🙂 Teaching a reluctant six year is not something I have a ton of experience with because we tend to wait on formal education until about seven. But if you felt strongly about teaching your six year and are looking for creative ways to overcome the reluctance (because that happens with my older kids at times), we like to incorporate a lot of games and hands on projects. Games are perfect for drawing the children in for a more intense lesson. Games related to the topic are even better. We have a number of fun and challenging math games and Professor Noggins has a number of trivia based games in a wide range of topics. Reading aloud also helps draw children in and if it’s related to the learning, even better!

  2. I loved this. I’m in my 2nd year of homeschooling my two youngest, of 5. My older 3 have had more of a traditional education, so trying to step outside of that box mentally, can be very challenging. Thank you for the encouragement. You sound like an amazing mother that is very in tune to your children’s individual needs. I am booking marking this site for the future,. Thank you.

    1. Hi Dawna! Welcome to my site and channel. I hope you find it both exhilaration and comforting to stepping outside the ‘box’. You get to captain this ship, so when something’s not working out, you can steer in another direction. Happy homeschooling!

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