Paper Dolls on Magnetic Sheets

Print out paper dolls on glossy paper backed with magnetic sheets so paper dolls can have interchangeable outfits! I thought the idea was perfect for these paper dolls I downloaded from

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Turns out my four year old daughter wanted the outfits permanently attached to each doll! So much for my creative inspiration, but maybe you’ll find this project just the ticket for your paper dolls.

I used Copic markers to color dolls and and outfits. The glossy paper took the markers really well, and I am really pleased with the final outcome. Copic markers are alcohol based markers that can be found at or local craft stores.

I also used glitter glue and some bling you can find at Michaels or other craft stores.

Level: Easy
Duration: 20 minutes
Cost: under $5 for the magnetic sheets (markers are about $5 each)

See the book that inspired the paper dolls:…

Share pics of your projects with me!

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