Pirate Unit Study

This is a different unit study for us because we don’t typically do one that’s this small and so specific, but years ago I bought Pirateology Guidebook and Model set that came with pieces to assemble a pirate ship and recently my 10 year old assembled it and that was the spark that ignited this unit study.

I approached this pirate unit study different than others because I didn’t buy anything specific for it, rather I went to my bookshelves and gathered supplies. In the midst of that, my son asked me to make him so peg doll pirates and a crow’s nest for the ship. Yippee!! I pulled out my Making Peg Dolls and More by Margaret Bloom and looked up pirate designs. I made three peg dolls that only loosely look like the stunning ones Bloom made, but to my child, they were works of art. He gave me the more heart-felt hug; I melted. Side note, if you’ve never made toys or other things for your children, be prepared for loving acts of thanks!!

After making the peg dolls, I set to work at sorting through my games and books and writing up a lesson plan.


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