Pretty Planners From Michaels | I Need Your Help!

I’m always several years behind the trends. I don’t typically use a planner. My friend, Maimoona, get me a calendar from Big Lots every year for the past few years. Before that it was a calendar from Target. Just the thin kind that have the month at a glance. Before that I printed out my own calendars and stuck them on the fridge.

What changed? These days, planners are gorgeous!!! And everywhere! I used a 50% off coupon at Michaels the other day and picked up the prettiest planner EVER!

What’s my problem? I don’t think I need it! It’s bigger than I need. It’s heavy and the pages don’t turn well. But it’s so pretty!

Do you use a planner like this? Do you find you have things to fill in all those pages? Typically I do well with blank unlined pages. The boxes feel a little constricting to me. But this planner so pretty!

Please help me out! Should I keep it or let it go? Tell me below!


2 thoughts on “Pretty Planners From Michaels | I Need Your Help!

  1. That is a gorgeous planner!! Did you end up keeping it and figuring out how to use it? It would work great for me – I overfill my planner on a daily basis! Perhaps you could keep the monthly overview pages and the month-at-a-glance pages and carefully remove the rest? Or you could use all of those spaces to write in little observations, funny sayings, quotes and warm moments of your children? Then it would be a beautiful keepsake in the end. Good luck!!

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