Hajj Curriculum


Hajj Main Lesson Block curriculum is a 4 week curriculum that is story based for grades KG-grade 6 that is intended and written for all audiences.

Each lesson comes with  story content, illustrations and suggested narration.

Lesson Plans included.

Curriculum is 136 pages, includes 20 lessons for a 4-week unit (may be used for 8-week unit)

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Welcome to the Hajj Main Lesson Block. This secular unit is designed and written for all students. While we expect many Muslim families to enjoy this curriculum, it is written for people of all faiths as well as those who do not associate with a faith or religion. Given that this unit is written with the non-Arabic speaker and non-Muslim in mind, Arabic words will be written in transliteration and translation. While Quranic ayat (verses) and hadith (prophetic traditions) are mentioned, this unit is not religious studies; rather, verses are mentioned as part of the lesson and to give context to the lesson. Some information may seem basic or redundant to the Muslim family, but it is included for completeness of the unit. 

Introduction to Hajj Curriculum page 4

Explaining the three-day learning cycle page 4

What is a Main Lesson page 5

Narration, copywork, and dictation page 6

Opening activities suggestions page 7

Lesson 1: The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) page 11

Lesson 2: The First Revelation page 16

Lesson activity: Islamic Lunar Months & 12-Fold Symmetry page 21

Lesson 3: Khadija (raa) & Waraqah page 28

Lesson activity: Phases of the Moon page 33

Lesson 4: Salman al-Farsi (ra) page 35

Lesson 5: Salman’s Search for Truth page 39

Lesson 6: The Five Pillars of Islam page 43

Lesson activity: Five Pillars of Islam Project page 47

Lesson 7: The Five Daily Prayers page 50

Lesson activity: The Five Daily Prayers page 56

Lesson activity: Tasbeeh Beads page 59

Lesson 8: Zakat (obligatory charity) page 60

Lesson 9: Fasting During Ramadan page 64

Lesson 10: Hajj (Pilgrimage) page 69

Lesson activity: Felt Kaaba page 73

Lesson 11: Ibrahim (as) & Night Sky page 74

Lesson 12: Ibrahim (as) & the Idols page 80

Lesson 13: Ibrahim (as) & the Great Fire page 86

Lesson 14: Ibrahim (as), Ismail (as) and Hajar page 92

Lesson 15: Prophet Ibrahim (as), Ismail (as) & The Great Sacrifice page 98

Lesson 16: Ibrahim (as), Ismail (as) & the Kaaba page 104

Lesson 17: The First Day of Hajj, 8th of Dhul Hijjah page 109

Lesson activity: Building a Mini Version of the Kaaba page 115

Lesson 18: Day of Arafat, 9th of Dhul Hijjah page 116

Lesson 19: The Jamarat, 10th of Dhul Hijjah & Eid-ul-Adha page 123

Lesson 20: Ayyam-ut-Tashreeq | The 11th and 12th (& 13th) of Dhul Hijjah page 129

Resources page 135


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