Marco Polo & Genghis Khan Unit Study Lesson Plans

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Welcome to the Lesson Plans for the Exploring Asia Through Xuanzang, Marco Polo, Genghis Khan & Kublai Khan Unit Study. Initially this unit was focused on Marco Polo and Kublai Khan as there were many resources on their lives and what they experienced. As the unit came together, which originally grew out of our Silk Road Unit, I found that splitting up our large unit into smaller units made it easier to cover the topic areas. 

While there is some overlap between all the units that make up the Silk Road unit, including: Ibn Battuta, West Africa, Silk Road, Golden Age of Islam, Ancient China (up to the 1500s), and this one, each unit has a unique focus, duration, geographical and period focus and grade range (though I truly believe multiple grades can enjoy and learn from nearly all the resources suggested). 

While these lessons are set for 6 weeks, the intensity of the unit is far less than some of the other units within the Silk Road which either take less or the same time, but are far denser. Still, I would suggest spending more time on this unit if you are doing this in combination with your other units or daily work or your existing curriculum.

With this lesson plan, all grades are included within one week. They are not separated as in other lesson plans. While your older student may not enjoy picture books as much as the younger students, they provide such value that I would still find a way to use them with older children. And likewise, younger students may not be able to read books suggested to older students, but will still understand them if they are read aloud.

There 9 pages in all, with three pages explaining how to use these lesson plans.

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While lesson plans are suggested for 6 weeks, they could work for an intense 3-week study, or be spread out for three months.

All books mentioned in the lesson plans are meant to be read aloud, though you may choose to assign some material to your students.

The lesson plan is set up in a 5-day week with days left blank to work with your schedule.

Grade levels are suggested, but are not rigid. You may find a text I suggested for grades 4-8 suitable for your grade 2 student. I am only giving general suggestions if you wish to focus only on your grade level or if you decide to assign reading material to your student.

Books and activities are laid out in a suggested order to suit the lesson, but you should do what works for your family. While I will suggest an ideal set up of a day, truthfully, we rarely achieve the idea.


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