Snowflake Trivia Cards Printout


This product includes 8 Snowflake trivia cards with 5 questions on the back on each card (total of 40 questions). There are a total of 8 sheets that need to be printed double-side and trimmed.

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Opening activities which include games are a family favorite in our homeschool and one of our favorite trivia games is the Professor Noggin’s Trivia Cards. Over the years, we started making our own. First with Astronomy Trivia Cards, then Bird Trivia Cards and most recently Bee Trivia Cards. We like making our own, but we love playing them even more. Usually, I’ll make a set alongside my children. I come up with my own questions based on the reading we’ve done for the unit and I write those questions on the back on each card. I laminate the cards to protect them. My children come up with their own questions and when we play, we ask each other the questions. Over time, even when we come up with the questions, we forget them so it’s fun to play months after a unit is done and see how well we can remember the information we learned during our unit.

For our Snowflake Trivia cards, I used the book The Story of Snow by Jon Nelson as inspiration for the illustrations and the content for the questions.

This time around, I have made our work available as a downloadable printout so you can enjoy these trivia cards as well. You will need a color printer and a pair of scissors or paper trimmer. This is a digital product so you can purchase anywhere in the world that allows this purchase. No shipping is needed!

You may choose to laminate these printouts. I used 5 mil Black and Decker sheets and my Minc laminating machine.

This product includes 8 Snowflake trivia cards with 5 questions on the back on each card. There are a total of 8 sheets that need to be printed double-side. Please do a test print first. For best results, use a color printer and high quality paper intended for color printing. I used Astrobright 28lb paper in bright white. While I liked this paper, I think thicker would be nicer, especially if you forego laminating. You may need to adjust your printer settings to get the desired color. I prefered the lighter version of the printing.





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