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On a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, we drove up to Vancouver to spend a couple of days. While there, we visited the Telus Science World Museum in Vancouver. This is one awesome center! It fully engaged every member of our family and though we could only stay a couple of hours, this center could have captivated us for days! Being ASTC members, this center was free for us through reciprocal membership benefits. Woohoo!


So it wouldn’t look like I don’t like insects because after all, that’s me holding a walking stick…or was it a leaf insect? While taking pictures of the cockroaches (not so bad, guys, they just look like giant beetles), a museum staff member asked if we wanted to hold any of the leaf insects or walking sticks. How could I chicken out? I couldn’t, but I tried. And contrary to mothering behavior, I made my 18 year son hold it first! After he held it for a minute or so, it was my turn, and you know what? It wasn’t bad at all!! I know all you bug enthusiasts are collectively saying, ‘duh’, right about now, but really, for a person who has an unnatural fear of spiders among¬†other things, this was quite the feat for me. Why’d I do it? For my kids, of course. I just can’t have them adopting my irrational fears. But guess what? In thinking about what was best for my kids, I did something good for myself! I did something I would have never done. ¬†Makes me wonder what else I’m capable of doing…hmmm.


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