In a last minute moment of inspiration, I turned these darling spring bunting baby peg dolls into magnets. I used super strong magnets, and it worked! I love the versatility of these mini peg dolls. Since the fall, I’ve had a set of three seasonal peg dolls grace our nature table. Each set has been unique. This time, I knew I wanted a green set, but I wasn’t sure what else I wanted to do with these. At first I thought I’d paint little flowers on them, but I didn’t feel inspired in that direction. For ideas, I opened up my scrapbook drawer houses my wood veneers and other small embellishments. I found the perfect accessory: paper flowers. I happened to have bought this set in variegated green and I happened to have made three bunting baby peg dolls. I matched up the color of the flower to each felt hat and glued them on. I added a couple of leaves in a contrasting green and to finish off this project, I sealed each one with some beeswax polish. The piece de resistance was the mini super strong magnet glued to the back. All materials can be found at A Child’s Dream, except the flowers.

Warning: While these mini peg dolls are choking hazard to begin with, they are especially dangerous in the hands of little children with a magnet. If the magnet falls off and is swallowed by the child, it can cause severe complications and in some cases, if multiple magnets are swallowed, it can tangle up the intestine and case death. Be cautious with young children.



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