We’ve started a new tradition this year and that’s to have a special seasonal finger puppet for the our nature table. Our Nature Table is more of seasonal table decorated with toys, crafts, books and things found in nature. It’s become a place my daughter plays and where she can spend hours playing pretend. While she really loved the Fall nature table, she thoroughly disliked the Winter Nature Table, but loved the Winter Finger Puppets. She didn’t know how much she disliked it until we set up the new Spring Table. The day we set it up, she came to life. She excitedly grabbed books from the bookshelf and arranged them on the table. Next she gathered a number of natural items like lichen-covered twigs, acorns and pine cones to decorate the table, with the crowned jewel being her goose egg in a makeshift nest. Along with this new Spring Finger puppet, we made a two ladybug peg dolls and a set of three bunting baby peg dolls all in one day! While you could modify this design to make it easier, the extra embroidery really sets this one apart. We used the finger puppet bases which I like for the tallness, shape and hollow center. We used Holland felt in beautiful spring greens and white bulky weight yarn by Lamb’s Pride.

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