Like clockwork, when spring makes its first appearance, the energy in our home shifts. Suddenly, we can’t sit still, we can’t concentrate and the strong urge to declutter and clean out takes hold of me. Though I’m a big fan of winter and cozy evenings, I found that we didn’t get the winter we hoped for. Our main lesson blocks from the fall ran long and into winter, and we didn’t have the productive winter we expected. In fact, our creativity took a nosedive which was unexpected. So I was delighted when we swept clean our Winter Nature and Seasonal Table and set up our Spring Table. My daughter had lots of suggestions and before I could even clear it off, she was already choosing books and accessories for the table. This time we opted for handmade paper from Nepal to cover our surface rather than our silks. I liked the clean look it gives. Some items transitioned from our Winter to our Spring table like the ceramic bird and ceramic vase with winter twigs. We also added our ceramic fly agaric candle lantern, some danty seed boxes and a makeshift nest for our real goose egg. We added posters from our Botanicum book and a couple of books that suited the table. My daughter chose Grandad’s Island for the colors, and I meant to change it out for a spring book, but decided against it and kept her suggestion for her reasons and for a pop of something unexpected. Before we had added the finishing touches to our Spring Nature Table our creativity burst forth and together with the kids we made our Spring finger puppet, a trio of magnet bunting babies, a set of ladybug babies and a coral colored mini peg doll!



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