Story of the World was the first history curriculum we purchased years ago when our homeschool journey was just starting out. While we enjoyed it for a couple years, we quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be the direction we wished to go in. Since then, I’ve given away all of our STOW curriculum except the audio CDs. And while we haven’t listened to the CDs in years, we still would like to keep them and refer to them during our unit studies.

This history curriculum has its merits. It’s easy to read, complete and perfect for elementary school. There are four volumes in this series that cover from Ancient Times to Modern History. The curriculum comes with four books, CDs, Student Pages, Activity Book and Test manual with answer keys. And while they are a quick informative read, there is a lot of information that isn’t covered in detail making it a good foundation to build on but not complete. Since we wanted to approach history in a slower deeper manner rather than the four year cycles of that typify the Classical Education model, we stopped using this curriculum and went headlong into our Waldorf curriculum. Instead we did main lesson blocks on Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, American History and much more.

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  1. Hello, I am interested in using Barefoot Meanderings Wayfarers Curricula for history, and in fact I am looking into their whole curriculum for this coming year. They use the story of the world as a spine for history, as well as other sources. Just wondering if you have ever reviewed the Barefoot Meanderings Curricula? Thanks so much, your site is very helpful!

    1. Hello Chirstiane, I’m not familiar with Barefoot Meanderings, but the name of their curriculum is intriguing. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  2. I also sold my copy of the “Ancient Times” (the only one I had). I did not care for the style and language, actually. I think that “A Child’s History of the World” by Hillyer is a much more enjoyable read. There are also extra materials for the book. We read sections of this book in addition to our Live Education! main lessons.

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