If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about how math is taught in Steiner schools (Waldorf education), this book will take you from conception to application. Teaching Mathematics in Rudolf Steiner Schools for classes I-VIII by Ron Jarman is the most comprehensive books on mathematics I’ve ever seen. It’s beautifully written with many mathematically illustrations and examples. In addition to general math information, Steiner philosophy and Waldorf education philosophy, the book includes chapters dedicated to each grade 1st through 8th grade with detailed information on the methodology of teaching math, specific examples to complement the text as well suggestions on how and when to teach particular math concepts. This book is rich with insight and information. The author conveys a deep understanding of math in general and specifically for its application in Steiner schools.

If you have no other book on math, this one would be adequate for writing your own math curriculum. It works perfectly to accompany a Waldorf curriculum and would be a wonderful addition to any home library for those who have a passion or interest in mathematics.

This is not light reading. Be prepared to pause and contemplate as you read it through. Though I use it as a reference book, I think it’s definitely worth reading cover to cover.

If you’ve never been exposed to a different method of teaching and understanding math, this book will open your eyes and heart to the wonderful, mysterious and complex world of mathematics as seen through the eyes of Waldorf education.

If you wish to teach math using the Waldorf methodology, you can do so successfully using a number of Waldorf curricula. Our choice is Live-Education.


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