Top 5 Books on Hijab

When I was growing up, I don’t remember there being books on hijab. Not that I was looking for them or expecting them. As a half American, half Arab Muslim girl growing up in the suburbs of southern California, my surroundings, culture and community were are western. The curious thing about that is looking out for my eyes, I saw uniformity…no one at school was wearing hijab. I was the only one until nearly my senior year in high school. So I wasn’t the one who had to deal with someone wearing clothes that were different than the norm, my friends did. They learned to deal with the girl in hijab in school, and looking back I can say I grew up surrounded by friends who embraced and accepted me as any other child. And I embraced and accepted them too. Not until I was an adult with children of my own did I appreciate the uniqueness of my childhood. I was either oblivious to the people who were disagreeable or aggressive because of my Islam, or I didn’t encounter anyone like that.

I share my top 5 books on hijab in addition to another five books that I feel relate in one way or another. While there are books I love, there are a few I’m sharing that I don’t love and don’t plan to read again. I wanted to share them as my top 5 because those are the books I have and even recently purchased to add to our small collection. In truth, I haven’t found many picture books on hijab as compared to other topic areas. I feel there is so much that can be shared from people’s experience that looking forward to seeing how the books in this subject area grow.

In addition to the books on hijab, I’ve included books about refugees. Since the majority (I don’t have referencing to site at this time), I thought adding them here would complement the subject area.

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