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Do you have a favorite homeschool resource? There are plenty to choose from no doubt. My favorite resource isn’t a book, website or blog, it’s actually a lecture! Though I didn’t attend this specific one, I did attend a homeschool convention back in 2005 where Oliver DeMille spoke about the Thomas Jefferson Education philosophy.

I loved learning about the modern day conveyor belt education versus leader education.  I loved learning about Classics not Textbooks. I loved learning about Leadership Education.  That following year, I abandoned everything I was doing and immersed myself in TJed! Now you can check out the lecture that shaped my homeschool. And guess what?!? I have a special coupon code for you! Use CORELOL-P&P  to get 10% off Core and Love of Learning!
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Do you use the Thomas Jefferson education philosophy in your homeschool? Tell me about it!

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