Virtual Homeschool Coop | Packing Up The School Year | Assignment #8

Burn your math worksheets in a bonfire? That’s what my kids did midyear…I guess that’s one way to purge! But mostly those things go in recycle at the end of the year. It’s a time to clean out cubbies, files and drawers and make room for new materials. It’s a time to assess what is needed, and lists are made.

When I go through my supplies, I put aside material we are done with and offer it to friends in our homeschooling community. If after a few rounds, no one wants it, it gets donated to charity, but a lot of my material actually goes back to our charter school so it’s easy to keep things in rotation.

Recently I sent ‘happy media mail’ to Kristy from Ethnic Green Living. You can check out how curriculum circulates within the homeschooling community.
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