Having trouble choosing the right paint for you wood pieces? There are many to choose from and while many peg dolls are painted with acrylic, there are other choices if you wish for the wood grain to show through your final project.

Today, I’m sharing the results of using Winsor-Newton watercolors and Lyra opaque watercolors. Each have their benefits and unique results. While the ultimate choice is one of preference, ease and cost, in this video, you’ll be able to see how each performs on wood pieces I got from Jo-Ann craft store. I also use a beeswax polish on each to show the difference if that’s something you wish to do. When using watercolors, you risk having color transfer if the wood gets wet. Sealing the wood gives a rich finish, but you will lose some of the matted look you get from using the Lyra opaque watercolors.

These projects were for my 7-year-old daughter. She loved them and plays with them with her peg dolls and finger puppets.

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Lyra Watercolor paint

Winsor-Newton watercolor
Peg dolls

Finger Puppet bases

Wood pieces from Jo-Ann (Make it Love it Brand):
Currently Unavailable or Discontinued

Beeswax Polish

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  1. Hi! I’m very interested in seeing this but the video isn’t available anymore. Is there a way I can watch or can you share the differences or a review of the Windsor Newton vs the Lyra watercolors? Thank you so much!

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