Let’s see how we did. Our winter themed Waldorf inspired unit has come to an end. Some things we enjoyed and others really started to annoy me. I was surprised that winter themed books were eventually going to rub me the wrong way. Why aren’t there winter books with the sun streaming and the kids in the pool, where there are rolling brown hills and winter blooming shrubs? There are enough areas where winter is not that different from fall or spring. What really happens in the winter in southern California? Sure the days get short and we get a few chilly nights. We pull out the sweatshirts and shiver because we leave the windows open and don’t know how to wear anything other than shorts. Most days are sunny and pleasant and we can enjoy the outdoor weather without threat of freezing. So why did so many of my projects represent a winter that was inauthentic to our region? You can bet that next winter I’ll dispense with the storybook images of winter and create an authentic California winter. Initially, I liked the winter table, but I never loved it like the fall table. I love winter, but I couldn’t wait to wipe the winter table clean and decorate for spring. Spring is a time of renewal and energy for many people. And sure enough, the creative challenges we had in the winter melted away as soon as March rolled around. I felt like most of our winter activities and projects were forced. I’m going into spring with renewed intention to make our seasonal units, not just regionally accurate, but personally authentic.

Here are three products we loved from our Winter Themed Unit:
Making Peg Dolls by Margaret Bloom, the Suncatchers Kit, and the Father and Mother peg dolls all from A Child’s Dream. One product I didn’t care for was the book The Way of the Gnome.

We did a real-time watercoloring lesson for this unit. If you like that kind of video, I made a playlist of all the real-time lessons on my channel. For that lesson, we used a wide paint brush, Stockmar paints and 140 lb. Strathmore watercolor paper.

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  1. We live in Michigan where there is snow and COLD 🥶 weather from November-April. Brr!!!! I love the snow but when it snows in March I’ve had it. I want to move to Florida and forget all about anything cold. I can relate to all your books that are relating to a traditional winter. It really is a magical time of the year. We downhill ski every year and it is a family vacation everyone looks forward to for sure. Thank you for sharing your unit. I really enjoyed it!!

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