Tour of a Landfill | Field Trip

Ever wonder what happens to all that trash once it leaves your house? Join me as we visit the Frank R. Bowerman Landfill. What struck me first when we got our of our tour van was that the landfill did not smell at all. Granted we were still about a quarter of a mile away from where the trucks were dumping the trash, but still, I expected far worse. It was also a cool breezy day, so I’m sure things are different in the heat of summer. Our guides were knowledgeable and helpful and overall we had a great time visiting the landfill.

Did you know that trained falcons and eagles are used to maintain the sanitation of the environment? We met a trained bird abatement intern who demonstrated what these amazing birds do. During a training, we saw the eagle soar above us and all around before returning to his trainer for a treat. They are used to ‘chase’ away the seagulls who like to pick at the trash and move it around, potentially spreading germs.

Want to curb the amount of trash heading to the landfill? Try these three easy tips:
Recycle, take your own bags to the grocery store, and compost!

Have more ideas? Share them in the comment section. Look out for my videos on composting and making your own produce bags coming up in the spring of 2016.
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