High School English Curriculum

When choosing English literature books for my 9th grader, I looked for ones with a historical theme, set in a time period we were studying or were American classics. That way, the books my son was reading for English complemented his US History studies. I chose a variety of books ranging in grade level from junior high through high school. There is a mix of classics, historic fiction and biographies ranging in time period from the 1700’s to the 1900’s. I don’t expect my son to complete this extensive book list, but I do hope to make a good dent in this stack of books! So far, he is excited when books related to one another is some way. He’ll say, “Oh I know Benedict Arnold, he was in My Brother Sam Is Dead.” or “Oh, Common Sense, I read about it in history!” And I’m thinking, “yeah, I did that on purpose.” 🙂


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2 thoughts on “High School English Curriculum

  1. Hello! I have a quick question… What else did you assign him to do for English? Do you follow a curriculum for the written portion? Next year I will have a 9th grader and I’m not sure what all I am going to do and just wondered what all you use. Thank you for any help 😀

    1. Hi Amber, aside from the literature, he also had some essays and other assignments to do that were high school level, but separate from the literature. High school is a good time to focus on essay writing like persuasive and research essays. There were some assignments he did that were assigned by his teacher with our charter school. These were simple, but hit the standards so that his English class could receive the appropriate amount of credits.

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