Ramadan Bundle 8 Interactive Projects


The Ramadan Bundle includes 8 projects! All projects are digital so all you need is a printer and some basic office supplies to do these activities.  Details of each project below in the ‘Description’ box.

Projects included in this bundle are

Ramadan Blessings in a Box-Includes box template plus 29 pages of daily activities (total 30 pages, 2 downloads) PLUS! Now you get it preformatted at 6 pages per sheet for easy printing (additional download).

Ramadan Bunting Banner-Includes 14 pages (1 download)

Ramadan Paper Chain-Includes 2 pages of decorative text plus 8 pages for 30 paper chains (total of 10 pages in 2 downloads)

Ramadan Jeopardy Trivia Game-Includes 3 downloads with 16 pages each for trivia game plus another download with 5 pages with all the questions and answers in text form (total of 53 pages). PLUS! Now you get it preformatted at 4 pages per sheet for easy printing (additional download).

Sahaba Matchup– Includes 1 download with answers on one sheet and questions on the second (2 pages total)

Phases of the Moon-Includes 3 downloads with one page in each download for template (3 pages total)

DIY Prayer Carpet-Includes 7 templates for prayers (plus Eid and Taraweeh) in 1 download with 2 pages (2 pages total)

Sahaba Card Inserts for Ramadan Calendar-One document which includes how to print and use the cards, followed by 30 full size sheets with biographies of 30 companions of the Prophet (saw). (1 download link with 31 pages). PLUS! Now you get it preformatted at 6 pages per sheet for easy printing (additional 2 downloads).

That’s a total of 145 pages  (22 download links) in which some are intended to be printed multiple pages per sheet. Please review the Welcome document first for info on each project.

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This Ramadan collection includes projects I’ve done with my children since 2004. When my children were young, I used to host weekly Ramadan iftars for my friends and their children. Each week I would have a new activity for them which we would spend time doing before Iftar. Those were joyous years. Back then, I used simple word docs, lots of fonts and clipart to create these projects. I hope you enjoy them as we did.


Ramadan Blessings in a Box

This was my most labor intensive project. In addition to all the detail on each page, this project features a unique activity to do each day of Ramadan. I recommend you print this project using the thickest cardstock your printer can handle for the best results. The box template included fits cards that are printed 6 to a page. The PDFs come as full size prints in case you prefer that size or any size in between, but to get the size that will fit in the box, you must choose the printing option of “6 pages per sheet” or similar depending on your printer settings. But print the box template full size. These projects are ones we have done over the years. Some are beloved and done often while others are ones we reuse year to year. I’ve printed mine on different color paper of the years, and while I like the dark cardstock for its regal look, it did make seeing the text more difficult. Newly added! Now you can download the file that already has it formatted for easy printing at 6 pages per sheet.

Bunting Banner

This is one of the easiest projects to do with your children, though it will go faster and easier with a paper trimmer. This project requires adult help. Print banner on cardstock with a color printer. If you only have a black and white printer, you may print it off that way and color in the letters or leave them black. You may use white or cream cardstock or colored cardstock. I prefer cream cardstock so I can embellish the edges of the banner with ink. For this project you will also need string, tape or glue and scissors or a paper trimmer. You may print this off full size or print 2, 4, or 6 sheets per page for a smaller banner. Additional directions on the Bunting Banner PDF.

Ramadan Paper Chain

This is one of my favorite Ramadan activities! It’s so beautiful and festive and when you remove a link in the chain each day, you’ll find a question or hadith on the inside of the chain. It’s a great way to count down to Eid. Included in this project are two decorative printouts that you may use to print on each page of the paper chain. Or you may leave it plain. I usually run the decorative prints through first, then print the chain on the backside. I also have printed these on a single color or on multiple colors. Both are beautiful. If you wish to print them on different colors, choose 2, 4 or 8 colors. Add the paper to the printer and print. When you cut them, you’ll notice that the days skip on each sheet so that when you assemble them, they alternate in color! Don’t forget to remove a link each day!

Ramadan “Jeopardy” Trivia Questions

This fun and interactive game is known and loved. Print off the sets of questions and answers to any size from full sheets to 4 or 6 to a page. The first time we did this project, I used hook and loop adhesive circles to put the questions, answers and value (100-500) on a large cardboard box (I think it was a new refrigerator box because it was huge!). Divide your children or those playing into groups or have singles play. Follow the rules of Jeopardy or make up your own. We loved playing this game and when we did, we had many children per team making it easier for those who may not have known the answers because they could answer as a team. Newly added! Now you can download the file that already has it formatted for easy printing at 4 pages per sheet.

Sahaba Match Up

This is a super simple match up game, but you will need to know about these companions ahead of time to answer these questions. Answers are provided so you can also read the answers with the descriptions on one day and on the next the children can fill in the answers from memory. Or you may use the book Companion of the Prophet by AbdulWahid Hamid or Companion Cards by Learning Roots to familiarize yourself with the companions. 

Phases of the Moon Mobile 

This super simple and educational project needs only scissors, string and a hole punch to complete. Learn the phases of the moon with this mobile which includes English and Arabic text as well as moons colored in to show the phase. You may also cut the moon shape out to show the phase.

DIY Prayer Carpets

Print off these ‘prayer’ carpets and fill in the number of ruka for each prayer and sunnah prayer. Use these cards to learn the prayers and keep track of the prayers you do each day. The cards have pale grey designs so you can easily color them in for beauty. Print on print paper for an easy project or take it up a notch by printing on cardstock and hand stitching a fringe on the edge to look like a prayer carpet. 

Sahaba Card Inserts for Ramadan Calendar

These inserts have been enjoyed in our family for years. Each card features information about a sahabi in which you have to guess which one it is. The bottom of each card reveals the answer. They were written by my second son when he was 11 or 12 years old. The information is based on the book Companions of the Prophet Vol. 1 and 2 by AbdulWahid Hamid. These files are offered at full size. You may print them off at 6 to a page. Trim each card and fold it in half to fit in your Ramadan calendar. Skip printing the first page and do a test print to be sure the sizing works for your needs. You may need to print at 4 or 9 to a page. The print option is available when you go to print your document. You may print them off on print paper or use a lightweight cardstock. Newly added! Now you can download the file that already has it formatted for easy printing at 4 pages per sheet AND 6 pages per sheet.

Additional Information 

Please note that all PDFs are full size (except prayer carpets) and are meant to be printed either full size or several per page. Most projects included in this bundle have multiple downloads, which can be confusing so please review them before printing. All are meant to be printed on a black and white printer except the Bunting Banner which can be printed on either a color or black and white printer. Some additional supplies are needed like cardstock, scissors, glue, tape, string and a hole punch. Having these items on hand makes these projects super simple to do. Overall I’ve designed these projects to be easy to print with minimal supplies so you can enjoy the project with your children without the hindrance of sourcing additional supplies.



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