Unity Study: Math

Lesson Plan for Week 6 school year 2015-2016
Lesson Plan week 7 school year 2015-2016
Lesson Plan week 8 school year 2015-2016

It’s time for a new unit! This time I take you through the process of putting together a math unit. I’m working on a geometry unit and a basic math unit.

My default curriculum is always a Waldorf curriculum, and I used the one from


I recently got many picture books for these units. I got most of them from




Here is the complete list of picture books:

7X9= Trouble! Claudia Mills

Fractions Claudia Mills

The Greedy Triangle By Marilyn Burns

Grandfather Tang’s Story By Ann Tompert

The Warlord’s Puzzle By Virginia Pilegard

What’s your Angle Pythagoras? By Julie Ellis

Toads and Tessellations By Sharon Morrisette

Mummy Math By Cindy Neuschwander

Pythagoras and the Ratios By Julie Ellis

Roman Numerals I to MM By Arthur Geisert

Beanstalk By Ann McCallum

Length By Henry Pluckrose

Inch by Inch By Leo Lionni

Fraction Fun By David Adler

Why Pi? By Johnny Ball

Mesmerizing Math By Jonathan Litton

Bedtime Math The Truth Comes Out By Laura Overdeck

Bedtime Math A Fun Excuse to Stay up Late By Laura Overdeck

Bedtime Math This Time It’s Personal By Laura Overdeck

The Librarian Who Measure The Earth By Kathryn Lasky

The History of Counting By Denise Schmandt-Besserat

The Rabbit Problem By Emily Gravett

On a Beam of Light By Jennifer Berne

The Boy Who Loved Math By Deborah Heiligman

A Remainder of One By Elinore Pinczes

Seeing Symmetry By Loreen Leedy

Alice in Pastaland By Alexandra Wright

High Noon By Scott Sundby

The Multiplying Menace Divides By Pam Calvert

A Place for Zero By Angeline LoPresti

Once Upon a Dime By Nancy Kelly Allen

Adding and Subtracting Puzzles By Karen Bryant-Mole

Spaghetti and Meatballs for All! By Marilyn Burns

Great Estimations By Bruce Goldstone

The Grapes of Math By Greg Tang

Equal Shmequal By Virginia Kroll

Math Fables By Greg Tang

A Very Improbable Story By Edward Einhorn

Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere By Ann McCallum

Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares By Frank Murphy

The Action of Subtraction By Brian Cleary

Multiplying Menace The Revenge of Rumplestiltskin By Pam Calvert

Sold! A Mothematics Adventure By Nathan Zimelman

Math for all Seasons By Greg Tang

Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone By Cindy Neuschwander

Sir Cumference and All the King’s Tens By Cindy Neuschwander

Sir Cumference and the Viking’s Map By Cindy Neuschwander

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table By Cindy Neuschwander

Sir Cumerence and the Great Knight of Angleland By Cindy Neuschwander

Sir Cumference and Off-the-Charts Dessert By Cindy Neuschwander

Sir Cumference and  the Dragon of Pi By Cindy Neuschwander

Round Table Geometry Sir Cumference Classroom Activities By Don Robb





3 thoughts on “Unity Study: Math

  1. Thank you so much,very proficient . I hope I will be able to do the same for my kids,some day.For me the biggest problem is that English is my second language 🙁

  2. Did you get through all of these? I am planning fractions and geometry blocks this year with Live Ed, String straight edge and shadow, and key to series. I’m eager to add some picture books, but I was hoping for a buy this and not that for this unit. 😉 Thank you so much for all of your videos. I am visual like you and your videos provide a plethora of inspiration. Thanks a million!

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